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Kevin Fennell Bookkeeping, LLC    |    |    917-453-4527

Kevin Fennell    |

Taking care of your guests is a key to your success. Have your books managed with that same level of care, freeing you to focus on providing excellent service to your guests.

Get professional bookkeeping services that include accurate recording of all transactions, and–very importantly–practical interpretation of all your key financial statements on a monthly basis.

I’ll be your trusted ally, sharing your goals of increasing income and building equity. Call or email and we can discuss.    |

Are you ready to put your Inn or Bed & Breakfast up for sale?   Are you searching for the perfect Inn or Bed & Breakfast to buy?
InnShopper is your next step. 
Aspiring innkeepers can find inns by location, financial profile, or property features. 
Inn sellers can create free basic listings which include photos, a map, property details, contact info, a website link,
and account access for updating and editing at any time.
Premium Listings are also available to give even greater exposure to your property.




Nature's Tribute  |  |  907-841-9991  |  Tess Doak  |

Nature’s Tribute, brings the very best that nature offers. Pure essential oils can be used in a variety of ways; bringing natural solutions to your Inn.
Pamper your guests in countless ways with nature’s finest.
Add to your guests’ memorable stay by offering aromatherapy through diffusion and creating an individualized experience.
Enjoy natural options in cleaning, cooking, and gardening. You will exceed your guests’ expectations, leaving them looking forward to their next visit.



PJLhuillier Group of Companies (PJLGC)  |  |  Jean Henri Lhuillier  |

Formally established in 1988, the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies (PJLGC) is a dynamic, multi-industry company that owns and operates businesses dealing with financial services such as pawning, remittance, microinsurance, and business to business micro loan solutions.We also ventured into other industries such as retail, hotel and restaurant management, IT, sports management, and real estate.



Timeless Interiors By Rachel Schemmerling    |

Rachel Schemmerling     |       |     860-532-0202        |          203-500-9500

Rachel Schemmerling is the founder Timeless Interiors by Rachel Schemmerling, a Connecticut based design firm specializing in creating unique interiors in historic homes and small hospitality venues transforming a space one design at a time. After receiving a degree in Hospitality Management, Rachel worked in several hotel and bed & breakfast establishments. Following a life-long love and education in design, she then earned a bachelor’s of art degree in Interior Design from the University of New Haven and Rachel launched Timeless Interiors in 2007. Then in 2011 on the Connecticut shoreline she opened her store, Timeless Home Consignments, which was the manifestation of Rachel’s dream of mixing the old with the new and built a loyal following of customers. With a discerning eye, Rachel could see the beauty in pieces others might overlook and created a collection of found vintage pieces with consigned home goods. She is known for her unique approach to design, with a keen eye for fashioning beautiful, comfortable surroundings while finding creative ways to work within a budget. Having grown up in a 275-year-old Colonial-Era home that was constantly under renovation, Rachel learned early the art and science of turning the old into the new, darkness into light, and small spaces into ones that appear roomy. She uses innovative approaches and understands the delicate nature of historic structures and the importance of preservation. Today, Rachel is Design Consultant of Timeless Interiors by Rachel Schemmerling working to bring out the best of her clients personalities in their homes with an ability to bridge the past and the present.


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