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Aspiring Innkeeper Sessions

Ever thought about being a Professional Innkeeper? Are you a new Innkeeper looking to learn more?  Take in 2 full days of unparalleled educational sessions led by Hospitality Tech Experts, Consultants, Association Leaders, Interim Innkeepers, Brokers, and more.  Includes Lunch both days, full day coffee/tea service, and Monday Evening Reception in the Trade Show Marketplace.

Sunday, January 13th

8:15 - "Welcome Aspiring Innkeepers"

Kris Ullmer, CEO & President, PAII

We're as excited as you are to begin the 2019 PAII Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar and educate you, the next generation of Innkeepers. There will be much to absorb over the next two days and Kris will advise you on what to expect as we introduce you to the Innkeeping Industry.

8:30 - "Innkeeping - It's a Real Business"

Tim Piper, Partner, The Hearthside Group

This is a presentation for the Aspiring Innkeepers. It's design is to allow prospective innkeepers to realize that this must be taken seriously as it is a business first, lifestyle second.

9:45 - "Elvis Has Left the Building"

Lisa Kolb, Co-Founder, Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

As your sellers transition away from the Inn, and you begin your new Innkeeping journey, there are so very many things you must know about, have access to and understand.  That's where "The New Inn Owner Handbook" can help, developed specifically to help Bed and Breakfast Inn buyers transition into their new Innkeeping role.  You will be amazed at all the things you may not even be aware of, that you'll need to retrieve from your sellers, to successfully transition to your new Innkeeping role. 

11:30 - "Valuation of an Inn - Getting Your Money's Worth"

Pattie Detwiler, Broker/Realtor/B&B Specialist, Hospitality Properties for Sale

Attendees will learn how to discover what the Inn is really worth? Is the profit overstated or understated? Is the business incurring expenses that could be trimmed? How well is the Inn managed? Is it a well-run Inn that will gain power in the marketplace? Or is it an under performing Inn that can be improved with better management? Attendees will learn what to look for when evaluating an Inn.

12:30 - Lunch for Aspiring Innkeepers and Sunday's Presenters

1:30 - "Navigating the Vegas Strip"

Lisa Kolb, Co-Founder, Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

As you move into your new Inn-keeping role, there are many terms, strategies and new concepts you will need to learn about and understand.  We will cover a variety of the outside factors that can impact your Inn and its ROI (Return on Investment).  Knowing how topics such as ADA (American Disabilities Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) can impact your bottom line is a very important and ongoing task that all successful Innkeepers take seriously and do their best to adhere to. 

2:30 - "Know Your P&L - with a Sample Chart of Accounts"

Rick Wolf & Peter Scherman, Owners, The B&B Team

What is a Profit and Loss Statement, and what is a chart of accounts? Why is it important? Unless you, as a business owner, understand the importance of tracking your income and expenses, you will not know how you are performing or how much money you are making (or losing).  In this session you will learn what a proper chart of accounts looks like, so you can start off on the right foot tracking your income and expenses in a way that makes sense for the Innkeeping industry.  You will also learn when your revenues impact the value of your inn and when they might not. 

3:30 - "Innkeeping Insurance"

Thomas Norush, Agent, Florida Hospitality Insurance Agency

To explain the many differences and options that exist in the specialized world of Inn Keeper/Lodging Insurance.  Thomas will arm you with the ability to ask the right questions when shopping for insurance on your business, help you make informed decisions based on actual policy language, not your feeling about coverage, and help you - the end user understand your unique Cost to Claim. 

4:15 - "How to do Breakfast"

Heather Turner, Chef/Marketing Director, PAII

We will be reviewing the various types of breakfast service, plated, community/family style plates and buffet style. We will talk about the pros and cons of each including options of combining plated as the usual type of service, and community plated/buffet style when the B&B is busy. We will review the importance of food costing, developing menus and keeping waste lists. We will also be touching on the various way to present breakfast selections to guests, menus writing and variety, and also touching on gluten free and other allergy issues guests may have.

Monday, January 14th

8:30 - "A Day in the Life of an Innkeeper"

Janice DeLerno, Innkeeper, The Stockade B&B

The ever-changing world of technology has changed the way innkeeping works for us, but the desire to please our guests is still the most important thing. As new Innkeepers, you need time to accomplish things like housekeeping, maintenance, and grocery shopping — all the things that are necessary to ensure the comfort of your guests, in your home. Innkeeping is like having a really large family with lots of different interests and activities. But, how do you find the time to make it happen, ever day, day after day?  Janice will take you through a typical Innkeeper's day, and in the end, you will see why we all love what we do.

9:30 - "Operations Manual, Policies & Staffing"

Rebecca Whisnant, Interim Innkeeper, Hospitality and Tea

As you evaluate location, size and revenue stream, have you considered what your personal priorities are? As you prepare to purchase an already active business, have you considered ways to make the transition as smooth as possible? Do you know the kinds of things that are involved in the daily operations of this business you long for?

10:30 - "Get on the Map - OTA's and More"

Marc Kassouf, Owner & Group General Manager, Stay Idyllwild Group of Inns

A complete overview of all inn systems presented for the beginning or aspiring innkeeper; Learn about the various systems and software that a typical hotel and lodging business has, which are critical, which are optional and how to select the right combination for your specific needs and vision.  Discover which key components are required in each system type, as well as questions you need ask vendors you’re evaluating.

11:30 - "Why You Need to Build a Business Plan"

Pattie Detwiler, Realtor/Broker/B&B Specialist, Hospitality Properties for Sale

This session will inform, educate and empower attendees to build their inn’s business plan. Your Business Plan is the first step in organizing your thoughts and the working document that lays out how to accomplish your goals. It’s the document that lays out how to accomplish specific, measurable, attainable and framed in time goals. Attendees will learn the purpose of the Business Plan for acquiring lender funding and educating the potential lender or investor about the hospitality industry and the marketplace, demonstrating how you will meet your financial goals & future growth. The Inn being analyzed may or may not continue to be the same business after you create your own business plan, so any of its assets could be worth either more or less after the acquisition.

12:30 - Lunch for Aspiring Innkeepers and Monday's Presenters

1:30 - Innkeeper Resources - Meet some of our Affiliate Vendors

Briefly get a moment to meet and greet some of our Innkeeping Industry's suppliers of produces and services.  ThinkReservations, ResNexus, Comphy Co., Unique Angles Photography, USA Robes, Turkish Towels, Q4Launch, and Acorn Internet Services.

3:15 - "Lender Requirements & Pre-Qualifications"

Richard Newman, Founder, Commercial Capital Network LLC

This session will clarify an Aspiring Innkeeper's understanding of the chronology of a business / inn acquisition, funding, and closing. Rick will address key components such as understanding a buyer’s personal and professional qualifications, where is the capital coming from and how and when can it be available, how does this timing impact an acquisition, what are the ranges in a buyer’s purchasing power and why, qualifying candidate properties relative a buyer’s qualifications, making a buying decision, funding options, business plan development from a lender’s perspective, and timing issues for financing and closing.

4:15 - Question and Answer Panel from all of the Aspiring Presenters

Take one last moment to ask questions from your Aspiring Sessions.  All of our presenters will be on hand for this one, so be sure to jot down your questions and our panel will be happy to answer them.

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A Day With Acorn

(Included with your Full Registration as a Current Acorn Client)

January 14th

We are excited to be able to provide an entire day with Acorn Internet Services for our clients. Thank you to all of their clients who plan to attend for sharing your thoughts on their topics. They’ve incorporated your ideas into these sessions! If you are interested in attending, or haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. Save money when you register to attend the PAII conference and attend our Day with Acorn on January 14, 2019.

View the the full agenda for A Day with Acorn

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ResNexus Client Day

(Included with your Full Registration as a Current ResNexus Client)

January 14th

Join our Gold Sponsor and your host, ResNexus and their Team of Red Carpet Professionals as they host a full day of education for their clients.
This is a bonus day offered to all ResNexus clients who register for the Full PAII Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show.
More information will be made available from ResNexus shortly.

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Welcome to PAII 2019 Reception

January 14th (evening)

We kick off the 2019 PAII Innkeeping Conference in the Trade Show Exhibit Hall with our fabulous Vendor Affiliates, welcoming Innkeepers from across the United States (including Innkeepers from Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.  We also look forward to introducing the 2019 PAII Aspiring Innkeeper Graduates to everyone.  There is no better way to start our week in Las Vegas.

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The 2019 PAII Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show

January 15th-17th

Whether you are a Professional Innkeeper or Aspiring Innkeeper, PAII Delivers unmatched education for 3 straight days.  Learn from our industry experts, shop our amazing Vendor Marketplace, share your success stories in round-table discussions,  mentor a new Innkeeper, challenge your comfort zone with new strategies you'll learn, & more.  Educational tracks are set to include Marketing, Technology, Financial/Revenue Management & Strategic Planning,
Food & Beverage Sessions, and so much more.  Your registration includes Monday's Welcome Reception, Lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Coffee/Tea Service each day, and admission into PAII's Vendor Marketplace.

Tuesday, January 15th

8:30 - "Welcome To Las Vegas and the NEW PAII"

Kris Ullmer, President and CEO, PAII

It has been an incredible year with significant advancements at PAII.  Our CEO and President gives the breakdown of where we've been, what we've been up to, and where we're going.

9:00 - "Unlocking Your Full Potential: Discover How ThinkReservations Can Transform the Way You Operate Your Business"

Richard Aday, CEO and Principal Engineer, ThinkReservations

The lodging industry has continued to evolve. It's more important than ever to analyze the way you are operating your business, pricing your rooms, and the way you are interacting with your customers. At ThinkReservations, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and created a professional and comprehensive platform that will enable you to take advantage of these new opportunities. Join Richard Aday, the CEO and Principal Engineer of ThinkReservations, as he walks you through features such as Yield Management, Channel Management, Guest Interactions, and Operation Management. This is guaranteed to be a presentation you will not want to miss!

10:15 - Opening Keynote - "Driving the Customer Experience"

John Kennedy, Speaker/Author/Strategist, John Kennedy Consulting

Join international speaker, author and strategist John Kennedy as he kicks off the annual conference with a message that drives the audience into active participation throughout the entire conference. Let’s start with “Why” we are here and “what” we look to learn to make this the best conference to date!

John will also discuss the six steps to driving a consistent guest experience as well as the four reasons our guests search and buy our unique and independent experiences. We will also look at trends that are current in the tour and travel industry.

11:15 - Lunch with the Affiliate Vendors

Join us as we promote the greatness of our industry with awards and recognize the best of the Bed and Breakfast Industry.

12:00 - 2:30 - Trade Show Marketplace

1:00 - Leadership Summit Part 1 of 3

2:30 - Concurrent Sessions

"Working with OTA's for a Win-Win"

Marc Kassouf, Owner & Group General Manager, Stay Idyllwild Group of Inns

How many rates do you have? Veteran systems & hotel consultant turned innkeeper Marc Kassouf shares the basics of Revenue Management, Rate Strategies, OTA & Channel Management, and how to practically and consistently increase your bottom line by working with the OTA’s for a win-win. Some advanced topics will be covered, but no prior experience or other session attendance is required.

"SEO Mythbusting"

James Mayfield, CEO, ResNexus

Discussions of the common misconceptions and myths about search engine optimization will be presented. See behind the mystical curtain by learning the 3 main factors Google and other search engines use to rank your business. Find out how to stand out from your competitors in high density markets. Learn some valuable tips to improve your results and relationship with your current SEO company.

        "Are Weddings the Right Marriage for My Innkeeping Business?"

Tim Piper, Partner, The Hearthside Group

This will explore the wedding business as a segment of the innkeeping industry. We will explain the pros and cons and help you determine if this would fit your inn based upon your prioritized needs, physical space and skill sets.

3:45 - Concurrent Sessions

"Innkeeper Round Tables - Guest Interactions/Reviews"

What are your successes in communicating with guests - perhaps on a delicate issue - and how do you handle positive or negative reviews?

"Understanding Yield Management Strategies"

E Scot Fuller-Beatty, Senior Account Manager, Think Reservations & Innkeeper, The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast

The lodging industry has continued to evolve. It's more important than ever to analyze the way you are operating your business and pricing your rooms. There is a big opportunity to increase your revenue if you can better understand the demand your business experiences. Join Scot as he walks you through various strategies of yield management. This presentation will teach you through examples, help you better understand your reports, and even discuss how you can make OTAs work for you. 

         "Marketing and Driving Direct Bookings with Data"

Ben Lloyd, VP of Strategy, Odysys

This session will cover specific ways you can improve your marketing & direct bookings with the data you already have in your website analytics, visitors & "cookies" and email addresses, along with how to address privacy concerns.

4:45 - Concurrent Sessions

"Innkeeper Round Tables Generating Revenue Beyond Room Nights"

How can you increase profit at your inn?  What services/amenities have increased profits at your inn?

"Advanced Booking Engine Tactics to Increase Direct Bookings"

Josh Wise, VP Customer Service, RezStream

A booking engine on your website used to be good enough. Now the OTA's are bidding on PPC terms to steal reservations searching on your brand. This session will review advanced tactics to improve the guests direct booking experience to help you CONVERT more DIRECT BOOKINGS.

5:30 - Leadership Summit Dinner

Join other association leaders from around the industry in a casual dinner.  You must be an association leader and the dinner cost is $50.  Please contact us at if you wish to take part or purchase tickets.

7:00 Leadership Summit Part 2 of 3

      Wednesday, January 16th

   8:30 - "2020 PAII Conference Location Announcement"

Erik Spence, Conference Planner and Trade Show Coordinator, PAII

2020 is not that far away.  We've been waiting for just the right moment to tell you all.  Come and be a part of the group 360 photo.

9:00 - "Playing the Google Game - What's Your Strategy?"

Lisa Kolb, Co-Owner, Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

Google is constantly changing how your property is marketed in their search results. Whether it be in Maps, Local, Organic or PPC (Pay Per Click) Google's rules and visual displays continue to change based on both on-site and outside influences. If you are not keeping up with those changes, you could be losing business and not even know it until you realize your revenue has dropped at the end of the year. We invite you to come experience this hands on session and learn more about Google's direction for your business.

10:15 - Morning Keynote - "Branding Your Inn and Your Service"

Janelle Barlow, President, All Out Performance

You carefully define and nurture what you offer and what you stand for. In fact, you work very hard to deliver what you promise. So why not link it to your customer service and make it easier to deliver what you say you will? Janelle will excite you with examples of how to take your best service and amplify it through your brand. When people have the emotional experience they thought they would have when they book with you - that’s a wow, and it’s the strength of branding. Janelle lived in Las Vegas for 18 years where she watched and learned from Service that is Branded and is amplified on a 24 hour basis. Use your Las Vegas experience to take home ideas on how to brand your Inn and your Service.

11:15 - Lunch with Updates on What PAII has been up to in 2018

12:00 - 2:30 - Trade Show Marketplace

1:00 - Leadership Summit Part 3 of 3

Special Presenter John Kennedy

John Kennedy facilitates strategic planning and execution for companies and associations worldwide and will bring his toolbox to our Leadership Summit. He will be sitting in on our Tuesday evening work and blending his expertise into our Wednesday afternoon session.

John will address key issues and challenges in our industry (competitive climate, OTA’s, small property marketing, and embracing change management) and offer steps and strategies to tackle the issues head on. We will know what to “start, stop and continue” moving forward as we enter into 2019.

2:30 - Concurrent Sessions

"Survival at the Speed of Life"

John Kennedy, Speaker/Author/Strategist, John Kennedy Consulting

As owners of small to medium-sized businesses, we are called upon to “do it all!” From the baking to the banking and all points in between, the list is endless, the days are endless, and the job is tireless. How do you get it all done? You don’t!  John addresses the importance of prioritization and planning and learning how to get “the right stuff done”.  John comes from the hospitality/tourism industry as a former Director of Sales of a Washington, DC area hotel and will bring the tricks of the trade to help understand the value of “putting first things first”.  The most valuable asset you have is not your property…it’s your time. Invest wisely!

"Convert More Reservations and Maximize the Revenue Potential with Each Guest"

Jay Hartz, President, Next Gen RevPar, LLC

Learn the skills necessary to increase your reservation conversion ratio, along with other techniques to increase revenues with each guest. We will dive deep into some simple strategies that you can take home and implement immediately. We will start with your rate schedule and discuss rate management opportunities. Then we will explore packages and up selling components that will bring value to your customers and more revenue to your bottom line. Finally, we will study conversation and reservation skills to ensure you covert more reservation inquiries into actual bookings, and equally importantly, bookings that maximize your guest spend with you. Like with any new skill, there will be a learning curve. We will discuss your best approach to implement these area's that we've covered and improve your successes over time.

3:30 - Concurrent Sessions

"Innkeeper Round Tables - Use Your Creativity to Flood Your Business with Ideas" - with Janelle Barlow

Come to this rip roaring session and learn about creativity, experience it, and then share the ideas about flooding your business with ideas that we will create in small groups and share with everyone.

"Payment Intelligence 2019"

Wynn Salisch, Principal, Casablanca Ventures

Get an understanding of what really happens when you process a credit card for payment.  You will also learn ways to reduce the number of charge-backs that you can implement as soon as your return.  Wynn will show you best practices to avoid disputes, how to handle relative to hospitality for ‘Services Not rendered” and other claims when someone doesn’t like your policies and decides to cancel or now show and doesn’t want to pay.  Finally, how EMV plays into all of it.

"Know Your P&L"

Pattie Detwiler, Realtor/Broker/B&B Specialist, Hospitality Properties for Sale

It's important to understand your business profit and loss statements and it is crucial when evaluating what expenses are directly related to the operation of you Inn. For right now evaluation and to plan future expenditures, monthly cash flow, planning for the future and sale of the Inn, among many other things.

4:30 - Concurrent Sessions

"Innkeeper Round Tables - New Solutions for Innkeeping Challenges"

What tech tools have made your innkeeping life easier?  How do you come close to perfecting your time management?

"In the Kitchen Time Savers"

Heather Turner, Chef/Marketing Director, PAII

Learn some tips and tricks to save time, save money and save your sanity while preparing breakfast and other foods for guests. We will go over and cover sweet and savory dishes, breakfast specific, baked goods and other options as well. Learn some of the tricks of the professional restaurant business in ahead of time prepping, what freezes well (and you can't tell it's been frozen), and organizing your kitchen to make a more productive workflow.  

"Wedding Elopement Packages that BOOK!"

Dave Westfall, Founder/President/CEO, Where to Elope LLC

Begin with the drivers of the buying decision for wedding elopement packages, by answering questions from both the engaged couples demand side and the Innkeepers supply side perspectives. Then focus on the how-to process to get in front of that existing demand for wedding elopement packages.

Thursday, January 17th

9:00 - Concurrent Sessions

"A Complaint is a Gift"

Janelle Barlow, President, All Out Performance

Everyone knows that complaints benefit us: they teach about things that may be overlooked, they give innkeepers a chance for a “real” interaction with guests; and when handled well, they build even stronger customer loyalty. Yet, most people really don’t like receiving complaints. Part of the problem is that people who bring up issues typically aren’t real good at giving feedback. They’re emotional, upset, and perhaps even angry. Altogether, it’s not a pleasant situation. But complaints can be seen as gifts, and when you adopt that mindset, the whole situation becomes a lot easier. Janelle has been looking at complaints and complaint handling for 30 years, and she’s absolutely convinced that this unpleasant part of service can be transformed so everyone benefits when a complaint arrives. Come with an example of what you think is the most difficult complaint to handle. We’ll use it to learn from each other.

"Computer Safety & Security, and Digital Information Brick and Mortar Security"

Heather Turner, Chef/Marketing Director, PAII

We will be covering antivirus and malware programs, computer firewalls and WIFI and routers. Learn about the safe browsers, clickbait, phishing, email scams and what to do if your website gets hacked or hijacked. We will also cover the importance of backing up your files and where and how to back them up. We will also be touching on making sure your personal and guest information is digitally secure both online and offline.

"Wedding & Event Contracts Best Practices"

Ellen Goldberg, Owner, The Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast

The language may be hard to understand for some, but the importance of an all encompassing wedding contract is invaluable to an innkeeper. Learn the language of what should be included to protect your assets, protect your finances, and especially to protect your reputation when a contract is broken. Innkeepers by nature are nice people, but when contracts are involved, you will need to be prepared to be an enforcer of your own contract.

10:00 - Concurrent Sessions

"Financial Operations: Planning for Retirement and Transition"

Rick Wolf and Peter Scherman, Owners, The B&B Team

Every innkeeper will one day sell their inn. The question is, will their inn be ready to sell? This depends in large measure on the type of inn that they own: is it a lifestyle property or a financially viable business? In this session Rick and Peter will describe the difference between property types and the importance that proper financials / record keeping play in each when it comes time to retire or transition to the next chapter. 

"Tea is Hot:Trends in Tea"

Tim Smith, Chief Leaf, The Tea Smith LLC

Present an overview of tea and herbal infusions, different types and styles. Look at trends in tea consumption. Discuss various opportunities for preparation, service and sales. Include adequate time for questions on the hows and whys of tea for the Innkeeper.

"20 Proven Marketing Ideas That Drive Success"

Randy Bangs, Managing Partner, Get Heads in Beds

Our goal is to help inform PAII members about the many marketing levers and data metrics that can be used to effectively drive revenue, occupancy and profit.

11:30 - 2:00 Lunch in the Trade Show Marketplace

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PAII's Annual Leadership Summit

If you are a City, State, or National Association Leader or Board Member,
you are invited to take part in PAII's Leadership Summit.
For 2019, we've extended our superior 'meeting of the minds' to 3 full sessions,
plus a dinner if you choose for an additional fee of $50.

Tuesday, January 15 (Meeting 1-2:30 PM, Dinner 5:30-7:00 PM, Meeting 7-8:00 PM

With the focus on this year's topic of Increasing Direct Bookings, we'll define the role of national and state innkeeping associations, innkeepers, and the public in this campaign.  We'll assess what is being done, what can be done, including best practices for websites,
crafting press releases to create public awareness of "what's in it for me", distribution, guest interactions and education.  An Industry survey with 1000 responses showed that only 25% knew the 'book a room' button led to the OTA. 

Our Keynote Presenter, John Kennedy, facilitates strategic planning and execution for companies and associations worldwide
and will bring his toolbox 
to our Leadership Summit. He will be sitting in on our Tuesday evening work session
and blending his expertise into our Wednesday afternoon session.

Wednesday, January 16 - Special Meeting with John Kennedy 1-2:30 PM

We've laid the foundation for our Increasing Direct Bookings campaign, and now we'll  finalize our strategies
to tackle this issue and launch the campaign. 
We will have a clear path and know what to “start, stop and continue” moving forward after we leave the sessions,
return home, and enter into 2019. 

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